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The Future With No Past
I've lost something too important.
My forgotten memory filled with darkness--
Surrounding me in darkness.
All my life is darkness.
Only one moment of my life
Was filled with light
But where and when that light
Shines upon
Does not give me comfort.
That light is the reason
My life is filled with darkness.
That light--
Torturous pain and unforgivable.
That light is my demon.  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0
This Is My Survival
I'm the one
Who enters a conversation
Like it's a battlefield.
I'm the human
Whose mind is a mess
Of abstract pieces
That don't fit anywhere.
I have to
Bend to my opposite
To make everyone happy.
I'm the outsider
Who has to lose themselves
In order to survive.
I'm the retard
That's the screw-up and scapegoat
For everything.
I have to cope
With people that call themselves normal
But are more dysfunctional than I am.
I had to face obstacles
That are considered easy by everyone else.
I'm the one
Who had to fight everything
To find who I really am.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0
Let Me Break
Don't tell me to stay strong.
Don't tell me to it's gonna be okay.
For now,
The only silver lining
Is a spider's thread.
Today, the arrogant sun
Froze the world.
We're truly lost in our wanderings,
So drunk on gluttony and cowardliness
That even our inner demons
Weep for us.
Let me tear myself apart,
Leave me in tears.
Let this poison
Flow itself out.
Let me self-destruct,
Leave me in ruins
Before the night rolls in.
I can't do both.
Leave me alone
So I can rise higher than the moon.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 2 0
Sometimes I feel like
I'm emotionless,
Yet my emotions are there--
Just bundled up
So tightly, so close--
That I've lost track on
Who's who.
Why do you tell me I'm emotionless,
That I don't have emotions.
In my opinion,
I think it's not wise
To wear fear on your sleeves.
Why do you treat me like a
Retard, a kid?
Saying that I make no progress.
Maybe if you stop treating me like a child,
Then I'll show you the progress
I've been hiding.
There's a heart in my head.
(I want to fell,
I know my emotion but
Why are we so distant?_
I'm lost and I know I feel.  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0
I Fall
Today I did fall
But I've already flown higher
Than your scum.
You've tired to destroy everything I've created
--A dream of a just and equal world--
But you can't destroy the image
That shows your true self.
I did not fall
In your victory.
I fought the chocking hell-fire,
Withstood the fire rain.
When you come to meet God,
With images of heaven flashing before
Your soon-to-be-wild-eyes,
He would greet you with a smile--
A smile carrying wraith that
Would have made the devil whimper childishly
As He pushes you down to Hell.
Today may be your victory,
Today you celebrate on
The rivers of blood.
Your respectful tomb will never exist,
Your name will be said with spite.
I want to condemn you as
Long as I like
But in the end,
My hands are the same shade of red as yours.
In the end,
You'll fall like me.  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0
Not even a thousand pictures
Of bloodied children
Won't make you shed a tear,
Won't make you offer warmth.
As I'm writing this on the page,
My red hands--stained by a
Most unusual yet evil actions--
Stain and bleed on sorrowful words.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 0 0
Why do you hate the dark?
The dark is always there,
Beginning to end,
The first and early memory.
Why do you strike the dark
With flashlights, beacons, headlights, lamps, etc.
They always cling to you--
Even after that torture
You gave them.
They listened to your
Cries, shouts, and fears.
They just love you too much.
They have no intention
To harm you,
You just do that to yourself.
Just stop hurting them, okay?
They're just stuck in an
Abusive relationship.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 0 0
It's hard to be an individual
In an unique copy & paste world.
It's amazing how quickly
Ideas are spread--
Repeated and twisted to
One's cruel & sometimes desperate
Hey world,
Why are you having
Fun in causing confusion?
Are you that bored at the
Idea of peace?
Even the cruel overpowering sheep-dog
Loves to be in the comfort of the cage.
While it's not wrong
To be an individual,
We've divided ourselves so much
That we couldn't understand
The simple rhymes we used to sing.
Sorry, I couldn't
Get the pop culture reference--
Forever repeated but meaning
Forgotten long ago.
I lost the generation I never had.
Which are you--
The group or the individual?
So we draw our borders,
Divide into groups,
Follow the cowards and loudmouths,
Not even releasing the meaningless of it all
After our last whimpering breath.
These kindhearted lies
And twisted hypocrisy
That I've been desperately believed--
Can I make them a plain and simple dream?  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0
Opinion on End of The World
It's not the end of the world--
No matter on who you ask.
This entire planet
Is the center stage for chaos--
Something that remained constant
For as long as the hominoids
(Just in case you didn't know).
Whether you'd like it or not,
It's not a dream you can simply
Categorize as a comedy or tragedy.
It doesn't matter if
You calmly accept it
Or haphazardly deny it,
The world continues
On with its unregulated
Roller-coaster ride.
Even when you try to back away
To admire to view more clearly,
You fall back into the chaos
In hilarious fashion.
Good and evil are
Myths and legends
That humanity makes up
For their own
Entertainment or insignificance.
Almighty lord or
Multiple gods and goddesses--
Not matter what or who--
Luck and chance still have the upper hand.
Creation and destruction--
Come on, spin with me
With our sanity on the line.
Tell me,
Why are you shocked at
So many reoccurring events
In a numbing manner?
Just state your not-so-unique opinion
In the pre-written multiple choice.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 0 0
Losing Words
Melodies of words
Floating on the tip of my breath--
So beautiful, so cruel--
I cannot understand them
Even after all these years.
Every time someone speaks words,
Do they really understand what
Those words mean>
Tangled up and chocking,
we sutter (or that's what I think we do).
So many words thrown around,
Can we even remember what
Their original definitions are?
I want to be in love
And show my love
But do my loves
Completely understand
What I'm saying?
Strewn apart and abandoned--
I guess even words and humans
Are one the same side of the coin.
Discovered and redefined--
Constantly rechecked
To just be proven right or wrong,
Especially when it is in plain sight.
Which is hypocrisy?
Which in honesty?
Is it really words that matter
Or communication and understanding>
Losing my meaning
And sense of self--
Just like everyone else.
Do the words make sense
Or do we have any meaning at all?
Just wondering
If you can understand my words.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 3 0
I'm Sorry That The Times Are A-Changing
In monotone cycle,
Everything changes.
Churches lost souls,
Its loving walls echo
A chorus of stigma it
Refuses to let go.
Government losing faith
In the people who know
Their rightful promises.
Skin lines dissolving
Into petty stereotypes
Into T.V. lines.
Mini-documentaries of tears
Are left misunderstood
By those who fight for justice.
I fear the dawn of the new days
Burning with a love
That separates and divides
Like always.
Tomorrow comes along,
Leaving today a fallen
Domino in the trail of history
I've already forgotten.
The painting of "truth"
So critically acclaimed
Dissolves into its true face.
Hey, people of today--
Don't play make-believe
If you aren't gonna make it real
Or fall into poison-making of yesterday.
Hey, people of today--
Tomorrow isn't set in stone;
Don't let in live in
The mess of yesterday.
Don't make us lose tomorrow.
Why do we have
Uniquely follow the leader?
A world of strife called for unity
Against a banner challenging the status quo.
Hands coloured red
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 2 0
Sad Songs
Here on this blank paper,
I wrote my tears
And threw it into the sea of people.
Those words
Contain a private scribble
That I suddenly want to show the world.
With messy handwriting
And definitions scattered,
I cast the bottle recklessly.
It's not meant for someone
But I hope whoever picks it up,
Please don't shatter my message.
Please listen to the words
With everyday eyes.  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 7 2
Little child,
You want to run in the dark?
Could the monster
Be livin' there?
Ah, so persistent!
But here's an order:
Turn on the lamp
To guide you home.
Carry the marble red star
Through the dark.
First steps on
The tiled path (RUNNING).
Flick the lights
To scare the monsters away.
Drink dreams:
(PINK FLOWER) water.
Walk towards the
Lantern's home.
A room for relief.
Cleasin' oneself.
The tearman's song
Reached his end.
Reached the end.
Cry over the defiled and dead girl.
The bratty art student
Killed themselves.
Tearman's songs back
In the case. (DON'T)
The lights
Flicker on and off!
The room bursts into light;
It's safe now.
A monster of the light appears.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0
In My Head
I've got people in my head.
I've got a bigot.
I've got a anti-racist.
I've got a lover.
I've got a racist.
I've got a troll.
I've got a fact-checker.
I've got a conspiracy theorist.
I've got a protester.
I've got a bystander.
I've got an adult.
I've got a kid.
I've got a fighter.
I've got a coward.
I've got a loudmouth.
I've got a listener.
I've got an animal.
I've got a plant.
These people
In my head--
They sometimes
Get lost off the rails.
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 2 1
Hate is there/Love is hard
It's an opposite reaction,
A poison that can be felt.
It's always there
Out of ignorance and fear.
I'm done,
I'm tired of hate,
Always coiling its chains on me,
Making me judge a thousand
Unread books.
That's it,
I'm done,
I'm done with hating,
Frequently shooting
And yelling illogical things
Of paranoia and pride.
Love is hard to maintain.
It's stronger than a piece
Of spider silk
Yet one easy slip
Could plummet me into hurt.
I'm done with hating,
With the slurs,
The rhetoric,
The idolizing.
I'm done with hate.  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 0 0
Laugh, Joke
Something "unsuspected" happened.
Others are celebrating,
Others are crying.
Others are in euphoria,
Others are in denial.
Others just laugh.
Why do you laugh?
Why do you joke so much?
I understand the need
To release
And the different forms of reactions,
But why do you say,
"It basically won't do anything."
Yes, it is a big idiot
But idiots make dangerous friends
With damaging ideals.
When it uttered lies,
Prejudices become the
Spotlight for
"Good old days."
Fear gained a new
Shipment of slaves.
Hatred became bold
In bystander silence.
Can you laugh
At loving families
Ripped apart>
Can you laugh
At a child's coffin,
A child's body bag>
Can you still laugh
As mines choke the air>
To those who believe
It's a new dawn,
You're already charred
Beyond recognition
In you're devilish "holy" flames.
You know,
They used to laugh too,
Back then.
Saying it won't do anything.
People are still laughing
And denying at the graves too.  
:iconsilencedbook9:Silencedbook9 1 0


FEAR. :iconjaydontae:jayDontae 6 0 Box-boy :iconheriumu-kaji:heriumu-kaji 106 2
Cast Off Characters
Muse sat at the head of the table, looking distinctly “in charge” and immaculate in her sharp, high-end business attire, complete with stockings and heels. She had her nails done to perfection and was wagging her infamous red pen between her fingers and a smug grin on her lips. This did not bode well for any of us as I watched them file into the board room for the meeting.
Structure was shuffling papers and muttering something about everyone getting their coffee and finding their seats, acting as if he had everything under control, but by the look on Muse’s face, I knew from experience, this was going to be dicey.
Plot and B-Story came in together, as always, with B-Story at Plot’s elbow and speaking in hushed tones in Plot’s ear. They sat across from me and Plot nodded curtly in greeting, acting superior as always he did.
I noticed the big board room was rapidly beginning to fill up, and it seemed like everyone was here for today’s meeting. Syntax s
:iconroadkillkitten:roadkillKitten 19 14
The Indian Maiden: Come To Life
“Mister, you sure you don’t want both these indian statues” asked the decrepit hunched over man in the even older roadside store in the middle of nowhere.
“No thank you” Lamar replied as he placed a small stack of twenty dollar bills on the old wooden counter that passed for the checkout line at the ancient trading post. “Just the Indian maiden please.” Lamar paused for a second looking the expertly crafted wooden Indian statue before he continued. “My grandfather use to bring me by here all the time when I was little. He told me that he use to come by this store when he was a little boy and would visit with her and that he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen this side of my grandmother.”
Lamar laughed a little at the memory “he made me promise to not tell grandma, so she wouldn’t get jealous.” Even the old man behind the counter laughed a little at the remark.
“Just seems a shame to spl
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 12 17
Kagerou Project: Sketches - Ene - Shintaro - Mary :iconhiddenservice:HiddenService 9 0 Kagerou Project: Seto Kousuke :iconhiddenservice:HiddenService 24 0 Keep calm and make tea :iconhhhwei:hhhwei 7,154 218 Horrendous Trees :icondead-opera-star:Dead-Opera-Star 120 28 Happy birthday, Yuki. :iconheriumu-kaji:heriumu-kaji 105 1 Mystery Twins ! :iconheriumu-kaji:heriumu-kaji 602 27 wandering :iconheriumu-kaji:heriumu-kaji 251 5
We need more PF and less PC in our society
 We need more PF and less PC in our society
I swear these days as I watch the news more and more......all I ever hear is another story about political correctness ruining yet another aspect of life.
Like PC Culture went and said people can't say Merry Christmas anymore cause it might offend people who don't celebrate Christmas so they have to say Happy Holidays instead.
Or Marvel has to make Thor a woman now cause there aren't enough female superheroes in Marvel comics when there already are some many sexy, strong and powerful female characters like Invisible Woman, Storm, Jean Grey, Scarlett Witch, Gamora, Black Widow already and the list goes on.
Or if you say I like Peter Parker as Spiderman instead of Mile Morales than you are a fascist and a racist?
Also I hear news reports of how a group of Social Justice Warriors or SJWs in California at some college caused what was supposed to be a peaceful protest into a violent riot with possibly a few causalities.
I even heard the news
:iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 1 4
Red Eyes :iconakrya:Akrya 55 2 Indy Assault :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 79 50 The Prophecy :iconartifexuriel:ArtifexUriel 4 0 Elective Monarchy: Poland :iconthasiloron:Thasiloron 19 5



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Gorillaz-- Amarillo 

Poets of the Fall--Given And Denied 




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